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Organic Ethanol (190 Proof) 5 Gallon / 20L

Organic Ethanol (190 Proof) 5 Gallon / 20L

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Cane Organic 190 Proof Ethanol in 5 gallon (20L pail) for easy at-home extraction.

Have the highest quality ethanol shipped directly to your home or business for use in home extraction machines.

​​The beauty of creating botanical oils, extracts, and concentrates with ExtractSolvents is that you get all the good stuff from the plant, stress-free.  The use of our Cane Organic 190 Proof Ethanol results in a clean & potent extract with the full spectrum of botanical benefits, as well as the benefits of being totally organic.

This product is intended for use in manufacturing processes, including pharmaceutical, culinary/food, supplements, and cosmetics. This product is primarily used and marketed as a botanical solvent. This product is not intended for use in beverage applications.

Please note, packaging may vary with size / availability. 

How to use

For use in at-home extraction systems for the production of essential oils. We recommend using ExtractCraft home extraction machines for the best results.


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Experience the benefits

The use of our high quality 190-proof ethanol guarantees a safe extraction and effective essential oil product for a variety of health benefits.

  • What are Botanical Oils?

    Botanical oil is what gives a plant its primary characteristics and is used as perfume or flavoring. Concentrates are the resulting form of botanical oils when reduced to be stronger and more effective.

  • Which Botanicals can be Extracted?

    Your imagination is the only limit. You can use any single or combination of botanicals. Experiment and create your own unique combinations, or view recipes for inspiration.

  • Why Ethanol Extraction?

    Ethanol is a better, safer way to draw out flavors and aromas found in botanical oils. Unlike other extraction methods, ethanol extractions are cost-friendly and safe from the worry of dangerous combustion.

ExtractSolvents x ExtractCraft

We work directly with experienced makers of home-extraction machines, ExtractCraft to ensure our products are perfect for use with their machines. This allows you to experience the greatest spectrum of botanical benefits with total ease and safety, from the comfort of your living room.